Island of Calauit


welcometagThe Calauit Island lies in the Northwestern coast of Palawan was declared a game preserve and wildlife sanctuary in 1977 as the Philippines responded to an appeal by the IUCN or the International Union of Conservation of Nature to save endangered animals in Africa.

The Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural area where the entire environment and all the plants and animals are allowed to live in a natural state with the absolute minimum of human interference or disturbance. In order to protect the sanctuary and preserve it for future generations, certain standards of Visitor Conduct are provided for in the National Integrated Protected Areas Act and the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan.



Covering an area of 3,700 hectares Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary is home to both endemic animals and African wildlife. At first, eight species of African animals from Kenya, which includes giraffes, zebras, impalas, waterbucks, bushbacks, gazelles, elands and topis live in harmony with endemic Philippine animals like the Calamian- and mouse- deer, bearcat, Palawan peacock pheasant, sea turtles and Philippine crocodile. Their numbers have increased from a hundred to well over six-hundred as they thrive in their new Pacific home.



It evolved to become the country’s major conservation showcase and unique nature park. The island is very proud of having extraordinary scenic wonders. African animals from Kenya in Africa such as, giraffes and elands, zebras and gazelles co-exist with endemic Philippine animals, like the Palawan bearcat, mousedeer and peacock pheasant, in the Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Busuanga, considered one of the island’s most amazing sites.

This island is also a haven for more than seventy species of birds, of which ten of them are rare, that rest and flock two hours before sunset, after their wholeday flight.




The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a success story for every Filipino. This island is home to African animals living harmoniously in co-existence with Palawan's indigenous species. It caters for scientific, educational, tourism and recreational activities by providing enjoyment of the wilderness and opportunities for greater awareness on the importance and appreciation of conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of this beautiful area.

This Island is indeed the Philippine's showcase for wildlife conservation. It is an ideal sanctuary because of its relative isolation. The forests, grasslands and mangrove swamps are also the habitat of some of the country’s rarest and most endangered species.

This Calauit Island, a truly must-see for all nature- and wildlife- lovers and enthusiasts. So come on now and visit, and have a great, wonderful, and unforgettable experience!

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